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Short Stories and Novel Excerpts

Prime Number Magazine

"The Dictator of Borough Park"

"The Beach Incident"
Imitation Fruit

Kabuki Boy (Aqueous Books)

". . . a compelling tale of sexual ambiguity and illusion . . . evokes the sensibilities of the [Japanese Tokugawa] period while retaining a freshness that speaks to the twenty-first century reader." -- Chris Hudson (Associate Professor Asian Media and Culture-RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia)

"So many masks inhabit this universal theatre. Reading this novel is an extraordinary experience. (Paul Nelson, poet, editor Hawaiian Literary Arts Council magazine, KAIMANA.)

Zen Radicals, Rebels, and Reformers

In this book, you'll meet Zen boat-rockers that span from early eighth-century China all the way to the bustling streets of modern-day America. These remarkable masters show us through their audacious actions and fearlessly lancing words that the pursuit of spiritual awakening must ultimately be a rebellion against the very foundations of suffering in the world.

"The guys in this book are my heroes, and Perle Besserman and Manfred Steger have done a tremendous job of bringing their stories to life. It's important to put a spotlight on the radical, rebellious characters who have shaped the Zen Buddhist lineage. I really like this book."
–Brad Warner, Author of Hardcore Zen